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collating bones

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Thee Headcoatees: Bozstik Haze [Jul. 4th, 2001|10:22 am]
collating bones
The perils of alphabetizing somebody else's record collection with your own: occasionally you have different rules for alphabetizing things. I file 'em under H, she files 'em under T. But I'd never heard this one (from '97), so I put it on to listen to while I file. I just got the Holly Golightly solo singles compilation last week, and the liner notes suggested that she was sort of frustrated with being part of this Billy Childish girl-group operation--because BC controlled EVERYTHING. I can see that, and having them do girl-group-ized versions of Headcoats songs ("He's In Disguise"? come ON!) is pretty dubious. Not to mention that some of these songs seem like cast-offs. But the fact that at least of a couple of them really CAN'T sing, and sound so good doing what they do anyway, is heartening--I love Kyra's vocal on "Name Your Own Poison."