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collating bones

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The Singing Mechanic: It Wouldn't Be What It Is [Sep. 23rd, 2001|12:00 am]
collating bones
Backed up by the wonderful Danielson Famile, on their SoundsFamilyre label, and at first I liked this as much as I was predisposed to--odd, piano-based, charmingly plodding, sort of like that Parker Paul record from a year or so ago that I loved. But Parker Paul's words are better--their pose is T.S.M.'s reality, and the difference between T.S.M. and the Danielsons is that the latter are a great weird art-rock band whose motivation is delivering the Gospel, and T.S.M. is too often just a Christian-pop guy whose musical decisions are pretty weird. Though there are a couple of songs here I think I'll be coming back to, especially the first one. And I want to hear his next record.