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collating bones

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Tori Amos: Strange Little Girls [Sep. 16th, 2001|07:18 pm]
collating bones
Interesting concept, execution pretty good on a first pass (where I was sitting way across the room disassembling boxes & therefore missed most of the lyrics to the first few rewrite/cover/answer songs, though noticed that they'd been rewritten heavily, esp. "New Age"). She seems to be thinking a little too hard about how to make each sound maximally _different_ from the original, as opposed to interesting in its own right.

[User Picture]From: hydroplane
2001-09-16 04:32 pm (UTC)
I believe the Torster's version of "New Age" uses lyrics from the "Live 1969" Velvets LP. I have yet to hear her take - not that it's high on my priority list - but it couldn't be any worse than bloody Blind Melon's version of "Candy Says" (which makes me want to kill).

Glad you made it home safely...
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[User Picture]From: hydroplane
2001-09-16 04:38 pm (UTC)

OK I just downloaded "New Age" and:

1. the lyrics are from the alternate Velvets version as stated above - except for what sounds like "you sick little fucks" at the end.

2. I was wrong about it not being worse than Blind Melon. It makes me want to kill myself.
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