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collating bones

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ABBA: Thank You For The Music [Sep. 16th, 2001|07:09 pm]
collating bones
Back at last, to a very different city.

My closest inanimate friend in the car on the honeymoon was... probably the _Story of ABBA_ tape we picked up in Reno. The good stuff about them that I only sort of got before, I now TOTALLY get. Four CDs definitely exceeds their bounds of goodness, but now I at least know where those bounds are.

[User Picture]From: bitterbyrden
2001-09-16 04:05 pm (UTC)

hi douglas

hi hi hi.

i'm glad you are back and home and good and married and... i guess i'll forgive you for listening to more ABBA than is humanly necessary.

as you can guess... i'm not in NY. i don't know what the deal is. we have vouchers for travel until November 15th... and there is some talk of coming next month. at the moment, i can't see wanting to get on a cross-country flight, but, we'll see.

my brain is boggled. i haven't been able to write anything longer than journal entries or terse emails. i think i need a job.

i finally met Jenni, by the way, and she is precious.

the figs on the tree outside my window are just about ripe. do you think that if i wait long enough and sit below the tree that they might drop right into my open, trusting mouth?
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