collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

His Name Is Alive: Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth

Warn Defever finally makes a soul-as-it-would've-been-eight-seconds-before-disco album, and it's lovely for what it is, including the remakes of his old songs--thought it was interesting that this was originally going to be a Warn Defever & Lovetta Pippin record, not a HNIA record. But it also feels like a stopgap measure (when's the next HNIA album that's going to blow everybody's mind the way "Universal Frequencies" suggested he could?), and like he didn't go far enough (what if he'd actually jumped for the bling-bling, the way e.g. Princess Superstar is doing with her new one?). Not that I'm not going to be listening to this one a lot. Very few people seem as _naturally_ creative to me as he does.
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