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collating bones

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Graeme Downes: Hammers and Anvils [Jul. 15th, 2001|09:36 am]
collating bones
God DAMN but this is good. I always thought the law of diminishing returns applied to the Verlaines--there was always something to like about their records, but as far as I was concerned they'd peaked with _Juvenilia_ (want to argue? then name me a Verlaines record with more first-rank songs than "Death & the Maiden," "Doomsday," "Joed Out," "You Cheat Yourself of Everything That Moves" and "Pyromaniac"). But the live set they did that I played on my show a few months back was lively enough (and included enough songs I hadn't paid enough attention to) that this piqued my interest. Wow. He's deliberately made a record that does things he couldn't have done with the Verlaines, which is a great idea, and he's good at pretty much everything he touches. And those chords--was it Patrick Amory who compared them to "dum-dum bullets"? Time to go back and pay more attention.