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KaraokeJournal: Christ you know it ain't easy

For once the userpic is appropriate!

I sang at C II both of the last couple of nights. Monday night, I was by myself and just hung out there briefly: did Joe Jackson's "Breaking Us In Two" (which I don't think I'd heard in 20 years or more, I just had it stuck in my head that day and gave it a try; decent not great) and "The Ballad of John and Yoko" (because I've been listening to the Beatles reissues a bunch, and I admire the fact that John wrote a formally uncoverable song--Chopsticks' book includes a ton of Beatles, although not the two songs I wanted to do most, "You Won't See Me" and "I'm Looking Through You").

Last night I was part of a big group, and there was a sizeable crowd, and I stupidly didn't write my name on the second slip I turned in, so I only got to do two songs in almost 3 hours: Dave Edmunds' version of "Girls Talk" (it's slightly too high for me, and there is that fakeout key-change at the beginning that screwed me up) and ABBA's "Our Last Summer" (as a tribute to summer officially having ended; I sang it in low range, thinking I'd jump up to high range for the final verse, only to find that... THE KARAOKE VERSION OMITS THE FINAL VERSE. WTF. That's the dramatic payoff for the whole thing--the "screw you, soccer dad I used to love" part! Otherwise it's just a sweet little reminiscence!).

Hoping to go to the karaoke blowout at SPX this Saturday night. Any requests?
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