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collating bones

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Laptop: The Old Me vs. the New You [Jul. 11th, 2001|04:19 pm]
collating bones
Jesse Hartman. Where did I remember that name from, I wondered? Some other really derivative context... but of course it wasn't until the last couple of years that bleep-bloopy stuff with affected British singing and hints of early MTV got fashionable, sorta post Stephin Merritt (though of course the songwriting here's not in the same neighborhood, and actually the approach is closer to Bowie ca. Never Let Me Down). Jesse Hartman. Jesse Hartman... And then I realized: Sammy. The band that wanted to be Pavement so badly they all but stole Mark Ibold's toothpaste. A quick Google check confirms it. Cue the MIDI version of the bass line from "Jumping Someone Else's Train."