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KaraokeJournal: c-c-c-c-c-c-c'mon

Karaoke two out of three nights! First up: the Alibi for post-Stumptown fun with Liz & M.K. & Nicole et al. on Sunday. Damn, that place filled up fast--sang right near the beginning (my old reliable "If She Knew What She Wants"), then waited for 2 hours until I got to sing again. We were actually starting to leave, but the KJ made the international hand signal for "but wait, you're next!" So I did ABBA's "The Visitors," which was new to me but went decently, then scrammed.

Last night I went to Voicebox for the first time--it seems to be Portland's only private-room karaoke joint, and Tuesday nights they have a $10 all-you-can-sing special, plus it was my friend Michelle's birthday. Advantages: private room, disco ball, pitch control, nice staff. Disadvantages: a small and not-very-deep book, all of which seemed to be from vaguely disreputable sources (several songs were semi-illegible from onscreen digital glitches; in two hours I don't think I heard a single Sound Choice track). I did, however, get to attempt a couple of songs I'd never done before. I'd never even seen the Smiths' "What Difference Does It Make?" in a karaoke book before; I'm pretty sure the karaoke recording was pitched down a couple of steps, but that's just as well, because I'd totally forgotten that the last half-minute of singing is all stratospheric falsetto ("my sacred one..."), which I could barely hit as it was.

And then I tried George Michael's "I Want Your Sex," which I had surprisingly never seen anybody do at karaoke before somebody sang it on Sunday. It's... very singable. Lots of stuff that sounds difficult to pull off and actually isn't (like the yodely leap in the middle of "tell me you're gonna regret iiit!"), although listening to the George Michael version just now reminds me that he's a better singer than I ever noticed 23 years ago. Only disadvantage is a long instrumental break where there's nothing to do if you don't have somebody to write "EXPLORE MONOGAMY" in lipstick on your back. Might have to do that one again sometime.

Best performance of the night was laddertostars nailing "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand," though.
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