collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

KaraokeJournal: the flickering flake

It's been a while since I got to sing in public last--not counting the Magnetic Fields song I did at ukulele camp--but Chelsey picked me up and took me out to the Ambassador last night. I did a couple of songs I'd sung in front of basically nobody at Chopsticks in the past, notably Matthew Sweet's "Sick of Myself"; the only song I sang for the first time was Yaz's "Only You," which went nicely. (Also noticed that they have the Mark Ronson version of "Just," which I was tempted to do until I remembered that it's got about 90 seconds of singing in a 5-minute song.)

One of Chelsey's friends sang karaoke for the very first time: "Only the Good Die Young," which she really, REALLY threw herself into. Good to see.
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