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KaraokeJournal: like a bowl full of jelly

I missed SantaCon this year, so this was my one chance to wear my $8.98 Santa suit, and I'd promised people I'd be there, so even though I'd had a really bad day I put on the Santa outfit (explaining to Sterling that we were having trouble making ends meet, so I'd taken a second job as Santa, bringing toys to all the good little boys and girls) and hauled myself over to Chopsticks. Where the usual KJ/waitress combo weren't present, sadly; fortunately, Danny was KJing and singing a bit, and Indigo and Amber (the Kolor Kombo) and Christina and a friend of hers came by. Amber and I duetted on "Do They Know It's Christmas?" (which I'd sung there a year and a half or so ago, but if I can't break my own rules at this time of year, when can I?), and I attempted to tell Amber the joke about that song (which I fear I didn't tell very well--you have to be able to do the accents).

Then (as my turns came around again) the songs I'd actually prepared for: a seasonal version of "Rocket Man" and a Pledge Drive's brilliant seasonal version of "Bohemian Rhapsody." Both of which went off nearly without a hitch. I'll have to repeat them both... somewhere... in a future year.
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