collating bones (signifier) wrote,
collating bones

KaraokeJournal: doctor says you're cured

Just a short trip over to Chopsticks tonight, since my usual karaoke peeps weren't around but I had some singing in me that needed to get out. The place filled up quickly, so I only did two songs: "Sick of Myself" (Jen turned the backing track up nice and loud, so I pretty much bellowed the chorus; whoever played the lead guitar part on the track did a reasonably good Robert Quine impression) and "No One Is to Blame" (wasn't sure I remembered how it went, and feared a middle eight that turned out not to exist, but after a shaky first verse I think I did OK). Winner of the evening: a KJ from another night, whose name I don't know but who popped in to sing "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me."
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