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collating bones

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KaraokeJournal: two sings, one week [Oct. 19th, 2007|09:38 am]
collating bones
Part 1: SPX, on Saturday night. 30 cartoonists (and me) crammed into a relatively tiny room. Lots of very loud singalongs--I only stepped up for a mic spot twice, and did my old standby "Kiss" and R. Kelly's "Ignition" (had hoped it would actually be "Ignition Remix," but no such luck). Most fun vocal moment of the night was probably standing at the back of the room with Sarah O. when somebody did "Billie Jean," and singing the back-and-forth "don't think twice! don't think twice!" bit.

Part 2: Sing Sing on St. Mark's, Tuesday night. Went there with Laura H. and some other friends, but the place was dead, dead, dead--in the course of two hours, I ended up doing nine songs, mostly things I'd done before elsewhere. Only addition to my repertoire: Squeeze's "Up the Junction" (decent but unthrilling--too bad they don't have "Hourglass" or "Slap and Tickle" or for that matter "Take Me I'm Yours"). Most fun song to sing: "Does Your Mother Know" (mostly because Valery joined in on the girly lines). Best received: "Fuck and Run." Most impressive performance of the night: Kiel Phegley doing Clarence Carter's "Strokin'."

[User Picture]From: pot80
2007-10-19 02:11 pm (UTC)
1) No one ever has "Ignition Remix" and it depresses the hell out of me.

2) Everyone always has "Fuck and Run," and I can't understand it at all. How did that happen? Why that song?
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[User Picture]From: signifier
2007-10-19 03:22 pm (UTC)
My karaoke joint of choice (Chopsticks II) has "Ignition Remix." And people _love_ to sing "Fuck and Run." And to sing and/or clap along with it. It's a very singable song, and a very karaokeable song, i.e. no long instrumental bits, no tough parts, a couple of moments that let you show off high notes ('my whole LIFE Alone") but aren't excessively high. (I've also seen "Supernova," "Why Can't I," "Everything to Me" and a couple of other Liz P. tracks.)
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: signifier
2007-10-19 04:57 pm (UTC)
I'll be in NYC, unfortunately! (And I'm in Reykjavik right now!)
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