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collating bones

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Airport 5: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks [Jul. 8th, 2001|05:29 pm]
collating bones
The fallacy that Robert Pollard has succumbed to ('cause that's who this is, with Tobin Sprout playing the music) is that being a genius means that anything you do is genius too, or at least worthwhile. I'm starting to think that exactly the opposite is true: the geniuses are the best self-editors. I can't dismiss the whole Fading Captain Series out of hand, thanks to that kick-ass R. Pollard/D. Gillard album of a couple of years ago, but God, I wish he'd think a little more carefully about what's good and what isn't in his repertoire before just the sound of his voice (which I used to love so much) becomes a sign of total lack of QC.